Speed up your website by optimizing images

The biggest bloat on the web is images. Most website’s consist of more than 60% images and it’s a big problem. Our users demand faster and faster websites and lowering the image size one easy, fast and cheap way to please them.

Although this is absolutely a good way lower the size of your images. It’s not the only. You should also use the correct format for each and every image. You should use SVG for some illustrations. And you should also use the correct image size. Never add full size

TinyPNG – automated free optimizations in WordPress.

Even though there is PNG in the name, you can compress both JPEG and PNG using their API, Web interface, Magento plugin, Zapier integration, WordPress plugin and even an Photoshop plugin!

To begin to automatically optimize you images for free in WordPress – install this plugin.

Compress JPEG & PNG images

When you have the plugin active on your website. Go to Settings > Media and scroll down to JPEG and PNG optimization. Enter your name and email. You’ll receive an email with a link to your dashboard where you’ll find your API key.

Enter the API key on the same page, right next to the box where you filled out your name and email. Press save!

From now on, all of your uploaded images will be compressed. I do suggest that you disable the Original Image compression since you only get 500 images free each month.

Note: Since each image in WP has multiple sizes – you won’t be able to reach 500 uploaded media library images.

ImageOptim – a desktop application.

My favorite tool out there for offline image optimization is hands off ImageOptim. It eats PNG, GIF, JPEG and spits out an well optimized version. You simply drag n’ drop files or folders directly into the app and it goes swoosh! Press CMD + , to get to the settings and enable Lossy minification with 80% on all formats.

This is a program for Mac only.
For Windows users, I believe that the corresponding application is FileOptimizer.