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May 20, 2019

An awesome tool to find domain names

Domain names are in high demand and it's a huge business buying and selling them. To find your own domain name can be super difficult if not impossible. I recently discovered that you can use a more...


January 6, 2019

Custom 404 page for Jigsaw in Laravel Forge

This site is built with Tightens Jigsaw and runs on Laravel Forge. The 404 page did not work out of the box. Tighten tells you to add error_page 404 /404; to the Nginx config. That is...


September 27, 2018

About my domain name

I get a lot of reactions from people about my domain name. Everyone from the guy at the bank to fellow developers. No, I wasn't fast enough to register it. I was probably like ten when it was...


August 20, 2018

Pretty PHP dumps using highlight_string()

This is a nice little trick if you’re sick of the almost impossible to read var_dump. And it should come out something like this. Nice, eh?