Hi. My name is Robin Nilsson.

I'm a web developer and designer based in Stockholm with a huge passion for my work.
Currently employed at the B2B-agency Next State, but I'm always up for a challenge.

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Safeguarding critical infrastructure

The Geomatikk Group develops systems that in combination with our services provide the Geomatikk Group’s customers with not just a complete overview of their infrastructure above and below ground, but also complete protection and control.

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Business for a better world

Climeon Heat Power system generates clean electricity from waste heat. More than 50% of all the world's energy is lost as low temperature heat. Most of it is dumped into our oceans or into our atmosphere.

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Phil's Burger
Awesome burgers

At Phil's Burgers, you'll get a sweet burger. Their concept is that every burger should be hand made from the ground and up.
They even bake their own bread, every day!

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About me

Alright, let's get to it.

I'm a self-taught web developer who's currently employed at the B2B-agency Next State where I'm very happy (hint hint, recruiters).

I've been building, maintaining and designing WordPress websites since 2013 and It's still hella fun! Even though I spend most of my time writing code in WordPress, I try to learn other stuff as well. A few of those stuff are, in order: Laravel, Unity3D, Google Analytics and VueJS.

Everything I do and don't do is done on a Macbook Pro.
Everyone I talk to is made on an iPhone.
Every line of code is written in PhpStorm or Sublime Text.
All of my dates are done on my... yeah, you know.