About my domain name

Robin Nilsson • September 27, 2018


I get a lot of reactions from people about my domain name. Everyone from the guy at the bank to fellow developers.

No, I wasn't fast enough to register it. I was probably like ten when it was registered for the first time 😄. I bought the domain name in early 2017 from a company that specialises in trading domains.

It was 8 000 SEK which is about 775 EUR or 910 USD. My friends thought I was a fool for hurling that amount on a domain name. Well, jokes on them. I've already received offers for 4-5 times of what I payed. Money well spent!

But it's certainly not all about the money. That's not why I bought it. A web-guy should have a good domain name, right? Wouldn't you buy a premium car if you were a cab driver?

There is however a whole business buying and selling domain names. And with the web still growing in a rapid pace, that's not going anywhere.

This domain will probably be in my possession until I retire. By then it should probably be worth enough to do something awesome 👴