Cloudflare actually slows your website down

Robin Nilsson • January 6, 2019


So I've almost always used Cloudflare for my personal websites. Recently I started asking my self why? Is it better than just a DNS?

I don't need the security, DDOS protection, caching, auto minify or Rocket Loader. And I don't care that you can see my servers IP address.

Time to speed test

Pingdom Tools and Gtmetrix are probably the best free speed test services out there.

Not sure why Pingdom's screenshot is not working. Nevertheless – I was chocked by the speed difference.

With Cloudflare

Pingdom Tools speed test with Cloudflare GTmetrix speed test with Cloudflare

Without Cloudflare

Pingdom Tools speed test without Cloudflare 31.7% faster

GTmetrix speed test without Cloudflare 47.6% faster!


You probably don't need Cloudflare. Just use a solid DNS provider along with a CDN, and you'll be golden.

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