My digital nomad packing list

Robin Nilsson • June 19, 2021


The new normal is boosting the number of remote workers, and it is here to stay! 🥳
If you are a traveling remote worker, you'll want to consider using one carry-on size backpack for all of your stuff. They are usually up to around 40L depending on the airline.

Now, why would you want only one small-ish bag?

My packing list



Merino wool is the way to go. It is breathable, keeps you warm when it's cold, cools you down when it's hot, and it is odour resistant! You can easily wear the same shirt for a week straight. Just let it aerate after each wear. You can read more about merino wool on Packhacker.

Personal care



I currently use the DB Carry All 40L. It is certainly not the best backpack – lacking a laptop compartment, other smart stuff and comfort, but I like the look of it. Next upgrade(or downgrade) will probably be the expandable Tortuga Setout Divide 26L-34L.


Do your own thing. This is just what works for me. You will most likely have different needs.